Thursday 23 August 2012

Curiosity Cabinet #10 - Banana Malibu

Every now and then, I like to mooch over to France with Mrs. B, J-Money and The Bear; we have a day trip and keep our eyes peeled for alcoholic curiosities. It is from such a trip that we have discovered the delights of drinks like Pisang Ambon Mint.

On our latest trip, we acquired some Malibu Banana. I have tried to find out a bit more about this product, but the Malibu Website is pretty useless. I can’t even determine whether this is coconut Malibu with banana, or just Malibu rum flavour with banana (and not coconut). After tasting, it it seems to be the former.

It’s worth noting that Malibu also make a range of other flavours, including Mango, Sunshine (coconut and citrus), Island Melon (melon and coconut), Pineapple and Passionfruit, as well as “Winter”, which is normal Malibu with added coconut flakes (to look like snow/dandruff). They also produce Malibu Red*: a mix of Malibu Coconut Rum and Silver Tequila.

But what was their banana variety like?

On its own
Nose: Banana creams with a hint of coconut.
Taste: Rather milky and creamy, with banana and then some coconut (the coconut is mostly on the finish and not that powerful). Overall, sugary sweet and quite smooth.

Banana Tonic
This somewhat unlikely combination is suggested on the bottle. It’s a very odd drink: it is quite refreshing, but way, way too sweet and cream and tonic is a very peculiar mix. Not recommended.

This is a variation on the Alexander (okay, maybe it’s just “inspired by”). It tastes of chocolate, bananas and cream, whilst the vodka adds strength and balance. The coconut flavour is almost gone. Very tasty.


Can you think of any good celebrity-booze tie ups?

* This is in collaboration with Grammy Award Winning Singer, songwriter and "actor", Ne-Yo (no idea) it’s no Cleos Rocos Tequila.

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