Thursday 9 August 2012

Tonic Ice and the Gin that's only sold in one shop in THE WORLD!

Today I'm going to write about a special gin, one that is only available from one shop in the whole world, Taurus Gin. The shop itself is located just south of Guildford in the village of Bramley and it has its own gin to compete with the likes of the big boys to make a thrifty but tasty G&T.

To test it out I am actually going to try another experiment at the same time—to use a G'Vine iceball made of tonic water (I got the idea from YetAnotherGin). I may kill two birds with one stone!

Taurus Gin is a simple, clean gin with a good dose of slightly bitter juniper. It is a classic gin and it's perfect partner would have to be tonic.

The nice thing about the tonic ice is that the bitter aspects of the tonic come out first and the flavour profile of the drink changes as the ice melts; it starts off rather herbal and a bit floral.

What is really interesting is that the ice ball is hollow! (I discovered this when I hit it with a small Hendrick's croquet mallet/stirrer.) This gave me the idea of having the gin contained within the ice ball: I did try this but the ice ball had two holes so the gin just came out of the bottom. The idea's got potential, though.

Here are some more tasting notes for Taurus Gin:

On it's Own
nose: juniper and grainy nose with a hint of floral vanilla
taste: a very fresh and juicy gin, luscious with succulent juniper and zesty citrus and a slightly sweet finish

Gin & Tonic
I used Fentiman's Tonic for this drink. Taurus makes a really sound gin and tonic and the extra citrus from the Fentimans makes it even more refreshing. Quite excellent.

A crisp Martini, citrus with a touch of bitter spice. Decent strength, good flavour.

In Conclusion
I think Taurus is a good gin at a very reasonable price point (£12.99 a bottle)—overall very good value for money. Every drink I tried it in was of solid quality and should satisfy even the most ardent gin fan.

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