Tuesday 7 August 2012

Pash-ion for Vodka #18 Legend of the Kremlin

The “legend” of the Kremlin is that in the first half of the 15th century (1400–1450 AD) there was a monk, whose name was Isidore and he created the first Russian vodka within the walls of the Chudov monastery in Moscow, which is where the Kremlin stands today.

The website then states:

His recipe of grain vodka was magnificent! In acknowledgement of the historical fact the International arbitration made a decision in 1982 to call vodka "an original Russian alcoholic drink".

This suggests that International arbitration (whoever they are) finally put paid to the Russia vs. Poland “who invented vodka?” debate 30 years ago. This is simply not the case.*

However Legend of Kremlin is the vodka supplied to the Moscow Kremlin, Council of Federation of Russia, Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, the Arbitration Court** and the Academy of State Service of Russia.

The producers also make a Standard Kremlin for mixing and two more premium versions, Kremlevka and the even more luxurious Kremlevka Elit.

Nose: Very clean nose, a hint of grain alcohol but that's it.
Taste: Very soft on the palette initially with a little sweetness from the grain, some residual warmth in your throat after drinking which is not unpleasant. Tongue tingle on the finish.

Superb, clean and pure with a tiny touch of vanilla spice. Very warming but there isn't really any burn. A strong vodka and enjoyable to drink.

Very clean and very, very crisp. Minimal burn and a touch of flavour at the end. Warms the stomach.

In Conclusion
Whatever the story behind the vodka, the spirit itself is superb and I'd happily add my name to a list of those they can supply.

Legend of the Kremlin is available for around £31 for 70cl from The Whisky Exchange.

* Personally I don’t mind who invented it—that in itself would not make one better than the other.
** I guess a different one from before but I’m not sure how vodka is going to help two parties settle a dispute.

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