Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pash-ion for Vodka #14 - Absolut Los Angeles/Berri Açaí

Last week, I wrote about the first vodka in the Absolut City range and its replacement, Absolut Mango. In 2008, a Los Angeles themed vodka was released (flavoured with  Acai, acerola, pomegranate, and blueberry flavour ) and in 2010, once its time as a limited edition was up, it was released as a permanent variety under the name Berri Açaí .

The Taste

1) Room temperature
Nose: Intense red and black berry notes.
Taste: Some floral elements like rose, as well as blueberry. There was a burst of flavour that quickly drops off, leaving a hollow void, which is a bit sad.

2) From the freezer
Quite a fresh blueberry nose to start, which reminded me of blueberry muffins. More blueberry appeared on the taste, accompanied by some sweetness, but, by the finish, this had become quite bitter. I don’t get much of the pomegranate coming through and, after a while, the vodka seemed artificial and a bit too rough.

3) Martini
Very crisp, with some bitterness to it. The blueberry comes through, along with some anise, making this OK, but not great.

4) Vodka Tonic
Lovely; easily the best drink of the lot. Juicy berry flavours dominate the start of the taste, before fading into vanilla on the finish. Fresh and fruity, this wasn’t a usual Vodka Tonic, but a lovely one all the same.

Absolut Los Angeles became Absolut Berri Açaí 

Absolut Berry Acai is available for around £20 for 70cl from TheDrinkShop.com

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