Tuesday 14 June 2011

Pash-ion for Vodka #5 - Mayfair Vodka

On a recent trip to the Vanquish Office I got the chance to try some Mayfair Vodka and was lucky enough to be able to take some back to the Institute for a more vigorous testing. Mr Hartley and I find Mayfair's brand concept very interesting—rather than looking at one specific product their aim seems to be focusing on the Mayfair brand so that becomes trusted by their customers and becomes synonymous with a guaranteed level of quality.
They have a concise, yet informative, website, my favourite part being some helpful tips on how to be a gentleman. I'm particularly attracted to the idea that "Good flirting is a form of politeness".

In the current range are a vodka and a gin but a champagne is in the pipeline.

Mayfair vodka is bottled at 40% ABV, made from British grain and is distilled six times. A small portion of this distillate is then re-distilled in a pot still; according to Mayfair, this helps to soften the vodka.

But how does it taste?

Own (Room Temperature):
Minimal nose some alcohol, pleasant; tastes a little musky, a touch bready. Smooth but flavorful and a touch of floral/perfume at the end.

Own (Freezer)
Syrupy texture, the musky, bready elements are really accentuated and there is a little chalkiness too. Still quite smooth with warmth at the end.

Smooth and lightly perfumed. Again the slight breadiness comes out; slightly sweet but rather good.

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