Wednesday 15 June 2011

Hartley's Cornish Cocktail

Inspired by Mr. Hartley's return from his adventures in Cornwall* and a weekend discussion on Cream Teas, I decided to come up with a cocktail to try and emulate this afternoon delight of the west country.

Hartley's Cornish Cocktail**

Hartley's Cornish Cocktail

20ml Raisin Gin***
1tsp of Jam****
1tsp of the finest Clotted Cream

Shake, with ice, until ice cold and strain into a small cocktail glass.

I was surprised at how much this tastes like a scone with jam and cream; even though the scone element came from the raisin gin, I almost expected to taste a bit of the cake. As you can imagine, it was a rich and creamy concoction, sweet at the start, then the raisin gin comes through, followed by the cream again with the fruity jam coming at the end. In short, cream tea in a glass and rather delicious.

* I believe he was on the trail of the great sea globster of St. Ives (legend has it that it is the original inventor of the pasty).
** Named after that intrepid explorer of the West Country
*** This is created by soaking some raisins/sultanas in gin for 48 hours.
**** I used strawberry, but you can use what you like; seedless is best, unless you use a tea strainer to catch the seeds when you pour.


  1. I have to say, this is fantastic!
    In my professional opinion, as a publican and all round lover of The Devils Juice, I offer my services and my pub for the exploration of these devine concoctions!
    Thomas Watson-Lightfoot.

  2. it looks delicious, thanks for the idea. I will try it out at home.