Tuesday 5 April 2011

Floral Delights—Chase Elderflower Liqueur

Members of the New Sheridan Club may recall the Elderflower-themed Cocktail Cabinet in March's newsletter; well today we have a special bonus feature on Chase Elderflower Liqueur (20%ABV). This comes from the same company that make a vodka that was voted "World's Best 2010", as well as Chase Gin and an excellent Smoked Vodka.

#3 Gin & Elderflower
#4 Elderflower Bramble
#1 On its own
Nose: Sweet, slightly jammy nose of elderflower with a tiny hint of citrus.
Taste: Soft and syrupy in the mouth, sweet elderflower with a slight, tea-like muskiness. Very pleasant to sip. In terms of sweetness it sits between the sugary St. Germain and the slightly sharper Bitter Truth.

#2 Elderflower Collins
Made in the same way as a normal Gin Collins: equal parts Chase Gin, Lemon Juice and Sugar Syrup with an additional equal part of Elderflower Liqueur. Top up with soda water. Cool and refreshing, not too sweet; a nice long way to enjoy Chase Elderflower.

#3 Gin & Elderflower
A 4:1 mix of Chase Gin:Chase Elderflower, Shaken.
This is a cloudy Martini-esque drink with the sweetness of the liqueur just rounding off the edges of the gin. The elderflower brings out the fruit and floral elements of the gin.

#4 Elderflower Bramble
Rather cooling, rather lovely. The difference between this and a normal Bramble is that it is less jammy and as you're using elderflower rather than blackberry it is much fresher. I think that the flavours of lemon and elderflower are natural partners and it's interesting to note that, as you drink the drink, the taste of elderflower grows stronger as the liqueur sinks to the bottom.

#5 Fashionable Elderflower

#5 Fashionable Elderflower
Made in the same way as a Gin Old Fashioned but the sugar cube and water are replaced with 10ml of the Elderflower Liqueur. This is a pleasant way to enjoy both the Chase Gin and the Chase Elderflower. The Angostura Bitters and Elderflower flavours compliment each other well and this drink has the right balance of sweetness as well as a subtle fruity edge.

Chase Elderflower Gin is available from the Chase Website.
£10.50 for 20cl or £19.50 for 50cl.

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