Saturday 2 April 2011

Desert Island Drinks

As part of the re-branding of BBC Radio 7 to "Radio 4 Extra" all of the choices from the castaways of Desert Island Disks have been released; but how many chose some form of imbibement as their luxury item?

Forget Gordons, Freddie will make his own.

Mark Lubbock, Musician, Conductor Composer: Gin
Frank Swinnerton, Novelist Gin & Vermouth
Raymond Leppard, Musician Composer: Gin, Dry Martini and lemons

Not Content with just drinking Gin:

Sir Torquil Norman Aviator, Inventor and Arts Patron
A miniature still with a little ice-making machine attached to it to make Dry Martinis.
Freddie Jones Actor
Liebig condenser for distilling Gin

Desmond Tutu, partial to a scoop of Rum & Raisin
Tyrone Guthrie, Director
Carlos Acosta, Dancer: Case of Havana rum
Jonathan Pryce, Actor: Endless supply of rum punch
Andrew Davies, Endless supply of Mojitos
Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Ice-cream maker (especially for rum and raisin flavour)

Kingsley Amis (who went on disks twice) liked both Scotch & American whisk(e)y
Kingsley Amis (1961) American
Kingsley Amis (1986) Scottish
Burt Ives; Actor/Writer/Singer: (Tobermory)
David Cameron, Prime minister: A Crate of Scottish Whisky
Marquess Of Bath Owner of Longleat
C Day Lewis, Poet Laureate, Bourbon Whiskey

Terry Wogan - Vodka
Howard Goodall - Ice-cold vanilla vodka and tonics

Terry looks unnerved by rumours of phylloxera in France

Ian Hendry, Actor
Edith Coates, Musician
Terry Thomas, Actor
Ken Russell, Film Director
Jean Pouget, Musician - Cask of Brandy

Sir Alex Guinness (Apricot Brandy)

Peter O'Sullevan, Broadcaster (Calvados)

Sian Phillips Actor: Solar-powered refrigerator full of champagne
Jane Asher Actor/Chef: Hot bath with extra tap for cold champagne
Britt Ekland Case of Evian water filled with champagne
Jasper Conran Fashion Designer: Vintage Krug Champagne (endless supply)
Sue Townsend Writer: Swimming Pool Full of Champagne

Leonard wasn't just partial to Cinzano.
Leonard Rossiter Actor: Moselle wine
John Surman Musician Saxophonist: Vat of Bordeaux wine
Gene Pitney Singer-songwriter: Case of Opus One wine
Richard Briars: HUGE Supply of Chardonnay
Arnold Ridley Actor, Playwright: Wine-making kit
Donald Sutherland Actor: Case of really good vintage wine

John Le Mesurier thought a still would be rather lovely.
John Le Mesurier - A Small Distillery
Armando Iannucci Comedian, Satirist, Writer, Director: Virtual sherry trifle
Fay Maschler Restaurant Critic: A huge supply of ouzo
Harry Enfield Comedian: Beer and a cigarette machine
Laurie Lee Poet Writer: Materials for making wine or beer
Ian Carmichael Actor: Writing materials and beer
Martin Bell Journalist, Politician: A barrel of Adnam’s Ale brewed in Suffolk
Paul Tortelier Musician, Cellist, Composer: Bicycle and cider

In Figures
GIN: 5
WINE: 67
RUM: 4

18 Castaways asked for a Still and 5 asked for a Brewery

No post on Desert Island Disks would be complete without some mention of music; so here are the choices of my favourite author and imbiber:

Ian Fleming
Airdate: Monday 5th August 1963

1."Whispering" Jack Smith: “Cecilia”
2. The Revellers: “Dinah”
3. Édith Piaf: “La Vie en Rose”
4. The Ink Spots: “If I Didn't Care”
5. Rosemary Clooney: “This Ole House”
6. Billy Vaughn: “Theme from A Summer Place”
7. Anton Karas: The Harry Lime Theme (from The Third Man)
8. Joe "Fingers" Carr: The Darktown Strutters Ball

Book: War and Peace (in German) by Leo Tolstoy
Luxury Item: Typewriter and paper

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  1. I still don't get it the decision about all that people but at least some of them can match their drink that they represents.