Friday 19 November 2010

Become a Gin Genie

A dry Martini. By the end of the evening you'll be able to
spot one of these at several paces.

As you will have noticed, I spend an unhealthy amount of time at the regular Juniper Society sessions at Graphic in Golden Square, near Piccadilly Circus. I’m sure I’ve painted such an arcadian picture that you can hardly keep yourself away—to which end, why not join us on Monday 29th November? Plymouth Gin are hosting a free gin tasting and Martini Masterclass and have asked me to extend the invitation to any curious coves who might be interested.

Winston Churchill was a big Martini fan and
Plymouth was his gin of choice.
The event kicks off at 6pm and the fun starts as soon as you arrive, as a cocktail is pressed into your hand. You will taste a selection of fruit Martinis (steady at the back, there—some people do believe in them) before attending two sessions: in one you’ll learn about the history of this famous cocktail, what goes into it and how to knock up the perfect example to wow your Christmas and New Year guests at home. The other session will introduce you to the delights of Plymouth gin itself with a tasting and talk by the “brand ambassador”. (Plymouth is not just a brand of gin but actually an EU Protected Geographical Indication: only gin made in Plymouth—indeed I believe only a certain area of the city—can call itself Plymouth gin. This is more a historical curio than anything else, but DBS is always mooting the idea of surreptitiously renting property just within the zone and making our own Plymouth gin, just to throw a spanner in the works.)

Anyway, after all this training you will leave “true gin and Martini connoisseurs”, or at least rather giggly, which is almost as good. There is no need to book—just turn up on the day.

For more info see the Juniper Society page. For other Juniper Soc events see the Graphic calendar.

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