Thursday 26 July 2012

Kopparberg Raspberry Cider

Kopparberg Swedish Cider like to innovate and bring a couple of new flavours to the market each year, keeping things fresh. I, for one, always look forward to trying the new varieties. Top of my list of all-time favourites are: Blackberry, Blackcurrant Witches Brew (Halloween 2006) and, more recently, Naked Apple.

Today, I am looking at a raspberry-flavoured Kopparberg, which is made by combining their basic apple cider with raspberry juice and a touch of mint. Without further ado, let’s look at what it was like.

The Taste

Colour: Rose pink.

Nose: Sweet, jammy raspberry, a touch of sweet apple and a herbal note towards the end.

Taste: A medium-level of fizz accompanied a good raspberry flavour.  It was creamy, and was neither too sweet, nor too dry. Like on the nose, there was a slight herbal note at the end, courtesy of the mint.

Taste over ice: Much improved. This seemed to be fresher and less intense, which made it more refreshing and easier to drink. The raspberry flavour remained strong throughout.

In Conclusion
Having tried so many varieties of Kopparberg, I know that some are bound to be better than others. This Raspberry version is average, but with a positive outlook; as such, I would have it again, if I had a particular hankering for it (which I can imagine happening).


  1. I was an idiot and bought the non-alcoholic version of this... do you think I could use it at as a mixer with vodka?

  2. I love Kopparberg, although I've never tried the non-alcoholic one, I usually prefer alcohol ;)
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