Tuesday 17 July 2012

Pash-ion for Vodka #17 – Absolut CherryKran

Most of Absolut’s most recent releases have either been a part of their city range or else a rebranding of previous products from that range, so it was nice to hear of something different, the release of Absolut CherryKran, which is flavoured with a mix of cherry, white cranberry and plum.

The Taste

1) Room temperature
Nose: A rich and complex nose of cherry, sloe berry, almond, cranberry, dark berries, jammy plum and—oddly—bubblegum.
Taste: Berry bubblegum and confectionery, followed by some dry cranberry and floral almond. Sweet and smooth, but I quite like it.

2) From the freezer
Woah! This had a lot more flavour when chilled. It was very perfumed, but still full of sweet, confectionery notes, like those of bubblegum or gummy worms. Whilst not wholly unpleasant, it’s not what I expect from a vodka, flavoured or no.

3) Martini
This works as a drink, moving towards a Cosmopolitan, but dryer and less fruity. This would appeal to Cosmopolitan drinkers who don’t want the calories from the fruit juice.

4) Vodka & Tonic
The fruity flavour comes through well, but the bitterness of the tonic clashes badly with the flavour of the vodka. Not great and not recommended.

Absolut CherryKran is available for around £50 for 70cl from VIP Drinks.

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