Saturday, 28 January 2012

Pash-ion For Vodka #10 - Smirnoff No:16 Black 'N' Blue (Russian Berry Flavours)

I was recently rooting in the back of the vaults at the institute when I found a box labelled "Pimm's". In fact it contained a variety of unusual vodkas including this one by Smirnoff.

Smirnoff Black 'n' Blue dates from the early 2000s and was replaced in 2005 by Smirnoff Norsk (later relabelled North/Nordic Berries) this latter vodka is tinted blue and has a dry, less fruity profile compared to this variety.

Black 'N' Blue was part of a range of flavoured vodka which included Chilli, Mixed Citrus and Spiced Vanilla. The label describes it a recipe No:16 and is bottled at 37.5%ABV.

So what does it taste like?

Berry nose, like chewy Ribena Multivitamins. A hint of marzipan too. Not too smooth in terms of taste with some unpleasant muskiness that I can't quite put my finger on.

Frozen (from the freezer)
Berry (blackberry and raspberry) on the nose slightly reminiscent of cough sweets. strong and complex.

In terms of flavour berry and vanilla comes through but I think overall it is a bit harsh, even though it is ice cold. A bit of anise too but it could be fresher and it is a bit artificial. Average.

Very pleasant, flavours of berry and cream. Good flavour and a nice crispness. Quite smooth too.

Whilst I'd rather drink Smirnoff Black, blue or the old Penka as flavoured vodkas go, this better than average but it needs to be mixed.

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