Thursday 19 January 2012

A Cocktail to Relish

I'm quite fond of the delicacies of the Englishman and one of these is Gentleman's Relish. For us at the Institute, Breakfast/Elevenses/Supper is not complete without a little bit of Patum Peperium.

But can it be incorporated into a cocktail that tastes good rather than just seeming a bit fishy?

25ml Gin (Preferably something herbal like Gin Mare, Berkeley Sq. or Leopolds
20ml Lemon Juice
1/4 Tsp Gentleman's Relish

I think I'm still to get me head around savoury cocktails but this works quite well with the the gin. Initially you get  the herbal and juniper notes of the gin, freshness of the lemon and then a very slight salty fishy aftertaste from the relish. I think it would work even better if a accompanied by some small savoury biscuits.


  1. 'Gentleman's Relish' sounds really really dodgy. 'Hey this drink has.. gentleman's relish.. in it'. No, no thanks, I'm good.

  2. I think that "the delicacies of the Englishman" definitely sounds like a euphemism for something!

    The cocktail sounds a bit iffy, but using salt in cocktails is not unknown (salt rims, or even the humble olive) and even seafood turns up in the Bloody Caesar…