Sunday 13 March 2011

Oh, the glamour of it

Left to right: our DJ MC Fruity, shadowy co-proprietor Nick, me, Clayton Hartley, the less shadowy co-proprietor, our regular bartender Alex, Fleur de Guerre (seated), Jeni Siggs, and "TV's" Curé Michael Silver 

Just thought you might be amused to see this portrait that Time Out (a London listings magazine) took of some of the Candlelight Club crowd. It was taken in a space that we have never actually used for the club, because it is too small, but it does a reasonable job of capturing the stripped-down candlelit ambience—though we don't have anything as fancy as gold-framed mirror! (I suspect half the denizens of the club don't have reflections anyway.) That's Alex, our chief bartender, whose day job is at the Dean Street Townhouse. The ladies are Fleur de Guerre and Jeni Siggs, both vintage bloggers. On the far right is Curé Michael Silver, a real priest who has, I believe, attended every Candlelight Club event so far. He is certainly a game sort—he recently appeared on ITV's Take Me Out dating show…


  1. Looks like an advert for Hendricks or Brockmans gin.

  2. If it were Brockmans it would be more like Eyes Wide Shut, with animal masks and suggestions of cultish sexual abuse. But you'd only ever see women drinking.

  3. Glamour and Gin tonic! the perfect combination without any doubt!