Wednesday 2 March 2011

Lemon Distillate

The Juniper Society & Lemon Distillate

Last Monday, Mrs. B, Hartley and I attended The Beefeater Gin Juniper Society at Graphic Bar in Golden Square, Soho. For the first half of the evening we enjoyed tutored tasting of three Beefeater Gins, led Master Distiller Desmond Payne. After a brief break to pick up refreshment (Gin & Tonic) we took part in a cocktail competition using a variety of tea syrups and infusions to make cocktails; this picked up on the tea elements of Beefeater 24.

In addition to the events of the evening I was also given a wax-sealed bottle from the industrious Gin Blog. I was told, in a whisper, that it was a sample bottle of Lemon Distillate. I'm not sure what high jinx the folks at The Gin Blog are planning but I have a shrewd idea they want to/are making a gin.

How exactly is it made? Carterhead or Pot still—it's all mysterious. Even the exact ABV was a matter of intrigue.

But how does it taste?

Own: nose of lemon rind and almond. Silky initially with some warmth; lemon, with touch of pear. Quite dry amaretti and lemon on the finish.When I added some water I noticed the gin began to louche (see picture) this is not unlike one of the distillates of Hendricks Gin.

From Freezer: becomes more like vodka, there is still some lemon but subtle almond has gone.

With Ginger Ale: (2:1 ratio) turns ginger ale slightly cloudy, looks like ginger beer. A nice burst of lemon and the nutty elements of the distillate go nicely with the ginger. An alternative to a gin buck and a good one at that.

HOT!: (Hot water and a teaspoon of honey added) and interesting warmer, without the sharpness of a normal hot toddy,the lemon flavours that are there go well with the honey and on a cold day like today it's perfect.

Thank you to The Gin Blog for providing me with a sample and I'll looking forward to future developments.

Juniper Society March:
14th Gin Mare
28th Bols

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