Thursday 10 May 2012

Turbo Aged Gin (well Vodka)

I was given a small olive-wood egg cup at the weekend and I thought that it would make an amusing drinking vessel. So I due set about removing any flavour from the inside by leaving some vodka* in it for a few days to draw out any residual flavours.

But after 2 hours I realised that vodka had been absorbed through the wood and was starting to leak out. I then emptied the vodka into a glass to find that it was already coloured.

TurboAged Vodka and The Eggcup!

Now I don't know the finer points of the treatment of my olive wood egg cup although I know it is varnish and doesn't smell like it has been treated with anything but just be to be safe I only gave it a tiny (3ml) sip and I could perceive the effects of the ageing.

Now I'm not suggesting we should all start ageing spirit through egg cups but could you age a spirit by passing it through wood?

*Gin is great but has more flavour.

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