Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Pimm's in a Pudding?

Whilst wandering down the aisles of my local supermarché, I spied a little box containing "2 Spring into Summer Berry Puds with Pimm's". Given my love of Fruit Cup—and the fact that the desserts were on offer—I promptly purchased them from the shopkeeper.

The puddings contain:
Summer Berries (interpreted as: redcurrants, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, orange and cucumber) infused with Pimm's and layers of Genoise sponge immersed in blackcurrant and raspberry syrup.

It was a nice, fruity pudding; moist and flavourful with a good sweet/tart berry mix, but can you taste the Pimm's? My lab assistant had no idea that it contained Fruit Cup and never mentioned it, even when prompted. Once I revealed that it contained Pimm's, she said, "But it doesn't taste like it at all!"

The pudding contains 4% Pimm's, but, with such strong flavours coming from the fruit, it needs to be more like 20%.

In order to correct this injustice, I added half a shot of Fruit Cup to the pudding, to spruce it up a little. This made a substantial, and positive, impact and the flavours of the Cup—citrus, gin and spice—went really well with the zingy dessert, making it altogether rather delightful.

Less of a "cheeky splash" and more of a cheap-o dribble!

In Conclusion
In itself, the pudding was really nice, but only tasted of Pimm's when I added some extra. In fairness, this is not the first food-stuff to bill itself as being flavoured with a liquor but which, upon tasting it, you discover that the desired flavour is nowhere to be found.

Given that they have such little flavour of the hooch, you wonder why people even bother to make these "booze flavoured" foods, whether that be Jack Daniels sauce, Sloe Gin and Duck Pate or Gu Pimm's Puds.

Gu Summer Pudding are available from Waitrose for around £3 for two.

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