Saturday 23 July 2011

A new Perfect Partner for SW4 - The Gin of Champions?

This lazy weekend, I have experimenting with Thomas Henry drinks, a range of German mixer. Starting with their tonic, I tried it in a variety of guises, but the most enjoyable was clearly in a Gin & Tonic. My gin of choice was SW4, the gin of Champions. It's getting to the stage where I have tried nearly 50 different varieties of tonic water and I must say that, along with 1724, Thomas Henry is one of the "new kids on the block" that makes superb drinks.

I used the standard 40% ABV SW4 in a 2:1 (Tonic:Gin) ratio with Thomas Henry's Tonic Water. Here are my tasting notes:

There's an initial burst of freshness; the tonic brings out a lot of the citrus notes from the gin, but the juniper is still rather prevalent. This is a drink that is exceptionally refreshing, rather delicious and a great way to cool down on a hot evening. Unlike many tonics, Thomas Henry's does not overwhelm the drink, nor does it bring any unwelcome flavours or cloying textures. A great complement that enhances the gin, rather than covering it up.

For more information on Thomas Henry Mixers:
For more information on SW4 Gin, check out their brand new website:


  1. Any tips on where you can get Thomas Henry and 1724 in the UK?



  2. Hey Tom, Thanks for the comment.
    I think that 1724 is available but I will need to check where. If it is it'll be a specialised place.
    Thomas Henry, I have heard some rumours but nothing concrete, will keep you posted.
    Sorry I couldn't be more help.

    At the risk of tantalizing you further here is a review of some of the other Thomas Henry Mixers:

  3. They all sound excellent, fingers crossed someone starts importing.