Friday 27 May 2011

A Pash-ion For Vodka #4 - Precious Vodka

Last Wednesday, Mr Hartley and I put down our test tubes, switched off the Van-de-Graaf and headed to the docklands on a field trip; our destination: Distil 2011. We tried a variety of interesting potions and draughts during our visit and we especially enjoyed a wine and chocolate tasting with Bava (the folks behind Cocchi Americano).
But one of the most eye-catching products that we tried would have to be Precious Vodka.

Precious Vodka is part of Jewel Lines Global and, although represented from Poland, it is actually made in Bulgaria, this is because the desired water source for the vodka was located here. Precious Vodka emphasise the importance of their water source for the quality of their vodka.

Precious Vodka is a grain-based vodka, distilled six times and charcoal filtered three times. What is immediately noticeable about the vodka is the rather unique bottle: it is shaped like a deep Brilliant-cut (Pre-Tolkowsky) Diamond and at the top is a small compartment which contains a gemstone. There five different types of gemstone available:


So after the background, let's look at the taste:

Neat (Room Temperature)
Quite alcoholic on the nose, the taste is much more impressive: sweet and smooth, with a touch of honey-like viscosity and maybe even a little bit of honeyed sweetness. Quite short on the finish, but when you can taste the vodka it provides a full sensation in terms of taste and texture.

Very, very clean, with only the faintest hint of burn and very light, sweet grain at the end.

Martini (Shaken)
I like it; very clean and very crisp. Perfect when served with an olive or a twist of lemon. For me, the olive was my preference. A very classic vodka Martini.

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