Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bundle of Joy

No, it’s never too early to train your flesh and blood in good bar-husbandry. This easy-wipe book will tutor your scion in fixing some classic snifters. “Tots will be entranced by the shapes and colours, all the while learning how to mix a variety of basic cocktails,” the publishers say. “Whether it’s an Old Fashioned for Grandpa or a Champagne Cocktail for Nanny, this twelve-page vibrantly coloured instructional board book is captivating for parents and babies alike.” Part of an educational series that includes Baby Fix My Car, Baby Plan My Wedding, Baby Do My Banking and, erm, Baby Get Me Some Lovin’. Nothing about sweeping chimneys, oddly.

Bit of product placement for Bombay Sapphire there


  1. Reminds me of that Love Potions book.

  2. I always have babies clean my chimneys. I just roll them in pipe cleaners and then place a trampoline in the fireplace and drop them in from the roof. Very cost-effective. Thank you Baby!

  3. It's a beautiful book and excellent illustrations, actually I'd like to get that book because I know my little child will like it so much.