Wednesday 15 December 2010

A new gold standard for mincemeat

David's mincemeat vodka—with IAE gong, I notice

Took delivery of Mr Bridgman-Smith’s homemade mincemeat vodka for the Candlelight Club the other day. I don’t know what the bottles originally contained but he’s made his own labels—and I see he has awarded himself an IAE Gold Medal. Well, what’s the point in running an institute if you can’t shower yourself with awards, prizes and commendations?

Having finished the vodka he took the boozy mincemeat left over and added it to cider—presumably on the same principle that spent sloes from sloe gin are sometimes used to make “slider”. I’ve had some and it’s jolly tasty: it would probably suit mulling.

The mincemeat vodka has been made an as ingredient in one of the cocktails for this Saturday’s Candlelight Club Christmas special. Here are the recipes that Will Sprunt has come up with:

Mince Flip

Homemade mincemeat vodka, sherry, cream, nutmeg

Related to the Alexander cocktail, this concoction is basically Christmas in a glass

Chestnuts on an Open Fire

SW4 gin, Bowmore single malt whisky, chestnut syrup

A fruity, smoky, nutty short

Ginger Snap
Rum, advocaat, ginger beer, Boker’s Bitters

Like a spicy Dark n’ Stormy cocktail with an extra indulgent richness

Cherry Christmas

SW4 gin, cherry bitters, rosemary tincture, cranberry juice

Long and fruity with an aromatic perfumed twist

Mulled Sour

SW4 gin, port, cointreau, lemon juice, Boker’s Bitters

Sweet and sour mulled-wine flavours in a chilled tongue-tingling extravaganza

If you’re interested in coming along on Saturday, check out the details and ticketing info at

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