Thursday 21 October 2010

The Vermouth Challenge

What to do about Vermouth?

The oxidisation of Vermouth is a problem which has plagued Martini drinkers (at least Clayton and me) for years. Clayton has written an excellent piece on how beat the signs of an ageing fortified wine. But what of a more simple option, drinking it up?

I have decide to take up the gauntlet and try to feasibly use up a full bottle before it goes bad. From today (Trafalgar Day) I shall attempt to complete this task before 1st December 2010 (The day of the December meeting of the New Sheridan Club).

Noilly Prat suggests that, when refrigerated, their Vermouth will keep up to three months. I am using Cinzano and, conservatively, my time frame is shorter than this.

I shall keep the lab updated on my progress...


  1. I should like to point out that the Institute promotes responsible drinking!

  2. I really don't see what the challenge is. Pour a few ounces into a glass of a bitter IPA over the rocks and it goes down, easy as Coca-Cola.

    It's bubbly, a tiny bit bitter, sweet enough to leave you wanting another sip, and gets you toasted like marshmallows to boot.

    My favorite was a Dogfishhead 90-minute with 4 oz. of sweet vermouth on the rocks. A great beer with a (hopefully) good vermouth and you're in the sipping business.