Thursday 14 October 2010

London Cocktail Update

Clayton had a busy day yesterday working hard, conducting research at London Cocktail Week yesterday. We were lucky enough to see:

Gaz Regan at Courvoisier's Spirit of Punch seminar
Philip Duff at G-Vine's Pre-history & Evolution of Gin
The Hayman Family at Meet the Distillers
at a Havana Club Cocktail Seminar (where the lovely Mrs. B joined us)
and what better way to finish off than a Molecular Mixology class with the chap at Purl.

Drinking highlights for me would have to be the Courvoisier Sidecar and trying a Gin made to the world's oldest Gin recipe from 1495 called Aqua Ardens. Naturally the drinks at Purl were tasty as always, and I especially enjoyed their Moscow Mule.

No doubt you'll hear more about our adventures
in the world of London Bar in the next few posts.

In addition to all this excitement when we finally arrived home at 02:00 (I had suggested to Mrs. B that we would probably be home around 21:00!) I found a box had arrived containing Gum Arabic.

Since speaking to Ted Breaux at the Lucid Tasting I have been keen to try some proper Gum/Gomme Syrup (Sugar Syrup containing Gum Arabic which makes it silkier) so I have decided to make my own. Incidentally I discovered that Giffard Gomme Syrup does contain Gum Arabic so if you want an off-the-shelf version may I suggest that.

I will keep you posted on developments.

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  1. Yes, an extremely busy day. Drink highlights for me were the punch that Gaz Regan and Joe McCanta (sommelier and bartender at Saf in London) cooked up—with an implausible number of ingredients including cognac, genever, Champagne, soda water, allspice bitters, Carpano Antica Formula, cherry brandy and, I think, orange curaƧao—and Purl's dry martini with lapsang souchong air. More details to come.