Wednesday 15 September 2010

Hello and welcome

Come in, come in. Find somewhere to sit down—oh, just move that radium on to the floor. Actually that's not a beanbag it's an abnormal liver sample, but you can probably sit on it anyway. And don't mind the monkey; he won't bite unless he's got a hangover. Oh he did? I should make a note of that—he was doing the Raki blind tasting last night. He's probably still blind.

In case you don't know, The New Sheridan Club is a social club for retro-dandies, louche aesthetes and affable nostalgists. It is almost four years old now and runs a packed programme of social events, has a website and distributes a monthly Newsletter free to all Members. But while most of our Members like a drink or five, and we carry various drinks-related features in the magazine, there is only so much monomaniacal ethanol coverage that is appropriate for the standard NSC media organs, which is why we have created this blog as an outlet for more specific booze news, views and musings.

Why not get in touch, tell us what you think, make suggestions, or indeed have a look the New Sheridan Club itself. We're a welcoming, inclusive crowd and always keen to admit new Members.

Now, I think that calls for a drink. Somewhere there's is a bottle of bacon liqueur…

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  1. My Dear Mr. Hartley, let me be the first to congratulate you on another outstanding effort regarding this web site. Very well done. I look forward to reading more about your efforts to pickle-your-liver with the finest refreshments Blighty has to offer. This new Institute will make a fine addition to the NSC. Cheers!