Friday, 21 December 2012

Kopparberg Naked Apple sparkling cider

Continuing our recent spate of cider articles, perfect to refresh yourself in this warm weather. Today we will look at another Kopparberg, namely Naked Apple.* This was released in late april 2012 and designed to be a scantily clad** version of their cider, basically it is just apple rather than being adulterated with another flavour.*** It is bottled at 4.5% ABV.

On with the tasting...


Nose: Sour apple (like a Bramley)
Taste: Fresh, crisp and slightly tart. Medium-high fizz, some hints of vanilla and winter spice; a very respectable fizzy cider (I usually prefer mine still). For any fans of sparkling cider this is definitely worth trying.

Over ice: Clean and crisp dry apple, the fizz is reduced, rather good. I prefer this cider chilled rather than “on the rocks” but if you want that extra cooling factor then the cider holds up well.

* I’m not quite sure why such titillation is applied to apple (Chase’s Naked Vodka is also Apple based.)
** They use the term strip*ed-d*wn but I thought that was too scandalous for the IAE—a place of science.
*** Kopparberg have made a plain apple cider before but I remember it being rather different from the Naked Apple (although it is a few years since I last tried it—the old one was fizzier and less crisp.)

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