Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Pash-ion for Vodka #3 - Chase Marmalade Vodka

For the first Pash-ion for vodka, I looked at Chase Smoked Vodka, and today we'll look at Chase Marmalade Vodka. This was first released around the same time as the Smoked, but due to its great popularity it is to be re-released in some funky new packaging.

The vodka is bottled at 40%ABV and is made by marinading marmalade with their English Potato Vodka in the belly of their still; this is then boiled and infused in a Carter Headstyle still with fresh Seville Orange.

Sweet citrus on the nose, like Triple Sec or country marmalade. Packed with flavour, there is a touch of vanilla that reminds me of ice-cream. This straw-yellow liquid has a slight warming effect and a moderate bitterness from the orange peel. It's rather complex and is dry rather than sweet. It has a certain smoothness, but has a touch more burn then some of their other products.

A lovely texture, as the cold of the ice box has made the vodka a little more viscous, like a thin syrup. At this temperature some floral or perfume elements come to surface. The vodka is characterised by the preserve's sweetness and the bitterness of the peel (in the same way that marmalade is), but, when served at a low temperature, these two flavours seem to separate. This doesn't detract from the drinking experience, however, and this is still a well-rounded tipple.

6:1 Martini Extra Dry - Shaken
With a nose of freshly zested orange, the drink is smooth, yet crisp, and has an initial flavour of sweet citrus, a bit like Cointreau. It has just the right balance between sweet and bitter and has a long finish. Pleasant and delicious; if only you could spread it on toast!

In Conclusion
It was great to get a chance to try the new batch of Chase Marmalade Vodka and I wasn't disappointed. This is great to drink on its own or to experiment with in some summery cocktails. A Harvey Wallbanger variation: 2 parts Marmalade Vodka, 1 part Galliano, 3 parts Orange Juice and shaken would, perhaps, be a good starting point.
All in all, this is an enjoyable spirit to drink, but my heart, for now, remains with the luverly Chase Smoked Vodka.

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